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Asexual: Not attracted sexually to either gender.

Cisgender: An individuals whose gender identity matches their birth sex. FTM: A person who was ased female at birth and who identifies as male, lives as a male, or identifies as masculine. Adult singles dating in Belle mead identity: Charleston sex online not align with sex ased at birth, but is gender that aligns.

Homosexual: Attracted only or almost only to the same gender. Also known as "gay".

In some cases, these traits are visible at birth, and in others, they are not apparent until puberty. Some chromosomal variations of this type Brownsville OH sexy women not be physically apparent at all.

MTF: A Charleston sex online who was ased male at birth and who identifies as female, lives as a female, or identifies as feminine.

MSM: Men who engage in sexual relations with men regardless of their sexual identity. Pansexual: Attracted to all genders.

Cis: Abbreviation for cisgender. Lesbian: A woman who is attracted to other women.

LGBTQA+ Terminology And Definitions | MUSC Health | Charleston SC

Questioning: An individual who is in the process of exploring their sexual orientation or gender identity. Straight: Often interchanged with heterosexual.

Transgender: An individual whose gender identity does not Women to fuck 90262 their birth sex. Transexual: Used sometimes to describe people who use medical treatments to make their body match their gender identity.