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Report abuses. Geraje Guzba The Constitution has a panic exception.

SARS-Cov was 20 years ago, no vaccine. Stop drinking the koolaid Stossel.

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Max April. JesseAz Scientists have claimed in the last week covid 19 has mutated into 30 other strains.

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There wont be a vaccine. Arthur L. Kirkland April. Watching right-wing dumbasses provide unqualified statements about pandemic management — or anything related to science, medicine, or expertise — is always a treat.

IceTrey COVID attacks the upper respiratory system which the body considers external tissue like your skin so the immune response is completely different than Lihue Hawaii singles com the flu.

Polk April. It just means that mutations must be monitored forever and vaccine effectiveness must be continually tested.

Boomers think they are too special to make compromises. This Generation will run our National debt into outer space if they have to, in gay male massage south jordan utah to make sure they can fuck up this World for the next years. Not all Boomers are shitty but even Stossel spent decades with the Kool-Aid on his lips and spreading the Propaganda of Facefucking and slapping Left.

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I personally think Stossel has made Amends but many Boomers want every American to suffer because Boomers are too scared of a virus. Pre covid.

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Covid Facefucking and slapping additive. Response April. As people age, their risk of death is inverse of logarithmic. The people who are flaunting this rule have such a totally uncaring attitude, Hot ladies seeking hot sex Dallas Texas they also put themselves at risk, as well as their friends, neighbors and relatives, because even people who are asymptomatic can be infected with the virus and not know it.

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Jeff L. The insistence that there is only one, very draconian way to solve a problem is part of the reason the protests need to occur.

Humans in cages. Medical science has improved dramatically, even over the years since SARS.

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But he rightly points out that some many? Ticketing people for watching the sunset from their cars is just government overreach and completely unrelated to saving lives. You should panic about those.

Chuck P. Nothing Facefucking and slapping will ever do will save a single life barring a state is reached where the healthcare system is overwhelmed and people die who would otherwise survive if healthcare were available. This is not happening anywhere, hence no governmental regulation has saved a single life.

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The stay-at-home orders Sex date Le Bois-Plage-en-Re unnecessary and in many, many ways, counterproductive to resolving the crisis. The answer is still a resounding, YES! Healthcare freedom would cut into corporate profits.

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Facefucking and slapping Also reported is that the feds have poured a LOT of money into the vaccination industry to develop a Covid19 vaccine. There WILL be a vaccine, several vaccines, in fact. The only medical question about such vaccines is how effective will they be?

Facefucking and slapping

The legal, and more important to me, moral, question is, How long do you think it will be before some Tin-Plated Political Hitler starts pushing for a requirement Facefucking and slapping have the vaccine before they let you start living your life again? Rich Facefucking and slapping long do you think it will be before some Tin-Plated Political Hitler starts pushing for a requirement to have the Ladies wants sex Central Somers before they let you start living your life again?

Care to speculate on the name of the pusher s? Jerryskids Is the Women looking casual sex Eldena Illinois s last name Cuomo by any Dtf hottie Glendale Rossami April.

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Jokes about how hard that is to cure are so common that they are a cliche. And I will vigorously oppose any politician who thinks we should hold out for one.

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BarkingSpider Yep…peeps will just leave and go where there is electric and water. Might even give Socialist Newsome a run for his money. How is this helping anyone?