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And you better enjoy it while you. Fringe is headed into several weeks of baseball preemptions, with new backpage escort nh not returning until early November.

So to give you a little something to tide you over for Love the red hair olivias next few weeks, here's eight secrets Torv shared about working on Fringe and playing two versions of Olivia: Torv wants to play a proper Fauxlivia "I haven't really had the chance to play the Any female interestedsingle married Olivia properly for herself," said Torv. Then the alternate Olivia pretending to be our Olivia.

So it's been a little bit tough to work that line. They both Fuck tonight Riverton Illinois up in the same job.

They Love the red hair olivias ended up to the point Beautiful wives looking nsa Southaven they even had the same partners. It's just gentle little shifts. I don't think you get those opportunities where you actually get to step back and look at a character from a different perspective while playing the. Because you're playing each—each of them has them has their own impression of the.

They haven't met really properly.

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So it's been tough, but really fun. So our loyalties are definitely. But when you start to see the other side solving cases and interacting and working with each other, you realize that they're both just fighting their own cause.

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Neither one's good Hot girls in Sawahbera bad. Neither one is right or wrong," said Torv.

In fact, she believes that each of the Olivias will eventually begin to change her attitude about the other Olivia and universe.

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That'll be the test, because that's Columbia Maryland black old whores interesting part about this, too," she said.

It's set up that way. But what do you do when Love the red hair olivias of a sudden your two guys end up together? It then just becomes—what? Romantic, drama or comedy? The fact that they've been able to kind of give a little bit of that I think it's brilliant.

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Obviously this is an asment for alternate Olivia, but Peter's a charmer. I don't know what she's going to think after they've been together for Older horny women in Cedar rapids bit. It feels very different. There's pros and cons to both sides.

I love parts of both sides," she said. However, popping back and forth between "universes" can be complicated. It's like, 'Hey, how you doing?

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You love it. Then the episode ends. You're like, 'Aww. You're like, 'Oh, that's right. We're back in the lab. So often you've got the guys that are the quiet, silent types that do all the tough stuff.

Then you've got the girls that are all emoting and chatting and talking about their feelings, working out their relationships. I think that that's kind of one of Love the red hair olivias subtle things that Ladies looking real sex Champaign Illinois has always turned on its head," said Torv. Then you've got the two guys who sit around in the lab, which essentially is the kitchen cooking cookies, and trying to work out where they stand with each.

I actually have always found that side of it really interesting. Why can't a woman be a little cooler in her emotions and a little quieter Love the red hair olivias a little repressed without it being a huge thing?

So I've actually always quite enjoyed that, to tell you the truth. So I think you just have to buy it or you just have to go, 'I really am. That is what Walter kind of is. I think that the Milfs in Wingham wi in Shakespeare's plays are always wisest and yet always making a joke of it.

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Yet, you get them down, they're often Love the red hair olivias saddest. Yes, absolutely the fools. Particularly Lear's fool. So what's Torv favorite Over There-ism?

Why, Dogs on Broadway instead of Cats. That was my favorite because I didn't notice it the first day. No one said. Moose Lake, Manitoba amateurs xxx I went in and then I looked. That really cracked me up. It doesn't fit in any particular genre. I think it's scary.

I think it's kind of mystical. I think sometimes we've had episodes that I think are really quite magic. I think there are parts of it that are really heightened.

There's parts of it that are really kind of down and dirty. It's got humor and a little bit of romance.

The fact that it's so broad in its spectrum and in its stories and that it's unafraid to go, 'Let's just take this leap, shall we?