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Contents [ show ] Characteristics The appearance of the Undead Cougar is like a living corpse cuts, a few organs visible, and bones sticking outwith some variety of appearance between individual animals. Its agility and strength are the Meet milfs Bear as its living counterpart but it Teen wives who want fucked Tulsa take more shots to the body.

A single shot to the head can kill it. Even a weapon as weak as the Cattleman Revolver can put it out of its misery.

If you hit the animal with a gun, then it does not count. Due to their "Hit and Run" tactic, it can be difficult at times to do this challenge without Undead Bait.

It is best to look near Nekoti Rock for Ladies wants casual sex Hotevilla of the animals, but many cougars have been sighted along the road running from Meet milfs Bear Folly to Plainview. They are more likely to spawn if the player is on foot.

An Undead Cougar spawn point can be found in Rio Bravo. When zoomed all the way in on the map, this spawn point can be found along the road Meet milfs Bear runs right through the words "Rio Bravo", directly under the word "Rio.

A spawn for undead cougars may also be found to the left of Beecher's Hope.

Another potential spawn is just west of Repentance Rock. Three rarely back to back, within seconds of each other's death, on the main road. Locations Undead Cougars can be found in these locations: West Elizabeth.